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Around the Community – July 3-9

Small look at the events I was able to take part in around the community for the week of July 3-9.

Canada Day 2017

Every July 1st since 1867, Canadians from all walks of life have come together to celebrate the anniversary of the date the provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick chose to unite to form a country sworn to uphold the principles of cooperation and inclusivity.

Whether you spent this year’s Canada Day at any of the various events that took place across the riding, or gathered with friends and family at one’s home, cottage, or backyard, I would like to again wish everybody a very happy Canada Day.

As a child, I remember fondly the summer of 1967, celebrating Canada’s centennial with my family in Timmins, Ontario. We attended the many different events taking place throughout the region and these events instilled in me a civic pride that came from the recognition of Canada’s feats as a country. These events celebrated our diverse range of cultures and backgrounds, not to mention the life-changing advancements we contributed to society.

Now fifty years later, we once again find ourselves at another great milestone. Our country has made great steps in those 50 years, and Canada is recognized the world over as a role model for prosperity, respect and ingenuity. I look forward to our bright future!

Canada Day Events Around the Community

Canada Day is always one of the busiest days of the summer for me, and includes touring the many different events taking place across our riding. In the morning, I sat down with local seniors at the Huntley Community Association’s Canada Day Breakfast at the Huntley Mess Hall. After getting my fill of pancakes and bacon needed to keep me going for the day, my team and I went to the Carp Fair Canada Day Farmers Market, followed by the Diefenbunker Canada Day event. From there we went to Kanata’s Legion 638 Canada 150 President’s BBQ. After great conversations, we travelled to the Canada Day in Kanata event, where I was greeted by the rest of my team, who had set up a booth where the local residents could stop in and say hello. The United Postal Service (UPS) also stopped in to present me with a beautiful Canada 150 birthday card signed by their staff as the card travelled across the country. The last of the events for the day was the Canada Day celebrations back in Dunrobin. After a very busy day it was finally time for me to head back home, where I celebrated the rest of Canada Day with my husband and our friends.

Thank you Kanata-Carleton for coming out to celebrate such a wonderful day!

At the Carp Fair Canada Day Farmers Market with Councillor Eli El-Chantiry

Meeting with the volunteers for Huntley Community Association Pancake Breakfast for Seniors at the Huntley Mess Hall.

Celebrating with the Executive Director of the Diefenbunker, Henriette Riegel.

At the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 638 with President Lorraine Lapensée.

Proud to receive the UPS Canada 150 card from Canadian UPSer Graeme Armstrong. Thanks Graeme and UPS!

Meeting one of our riding’s younger residents and proud Canada Day supporter!

Always fun times to be had in Kanata when Mayor Jim Watson and Councillors Allan Hubley and Marianne Wilkinson come out to celebrate!

Up on stage reminding everyone just how fortunate we our to live in a country as amazing as Canada!

Couldn’t resist getting a photograph with some of our very festive Canada Day fans!